Production facility

Our factory is a modern dry food production kitchen equipped with the latest technology, built on an area of 13,500 m², with an annual production capacity of 35,000 tons. The nutrients we use in our facility, where quality, healthy and delicious dry food is produced for our friends, are brought to our kitchen from our approved and certified suppliers, in their freshest form, without disturbing the cold chain and food chain. Our kitchen, designed according to human food production criteria, is supported by the Quality Management System ISO 9001, the Environmental Management System ISO 14001, the Quality and Hygiene Production System ISO 22000, the Food Safety Management System and Good Agricultural Practices GMP, and the Quality and Hygiene Production System BRC documents.

Our technology

During our production, we process with systems and automations in accordance with today’s technology, and thus we produce non-contact, healthy and high quality foods. F.M.I.S : Fresh meat Injection System, Double Vacuum Technology and Twin Screw Extruder technologies in our production facility, while increasing the taste of the products, makes them attractive for our friends.

We create accurate and quality mass production by using these technologies that are accepted worldwide.


Quality control

In our factory, many analyzes are carried out for quality control purposes. The analysis process begins with the selection of raw materials. When the selected raw material arrives, different numbers of samples are taken and measured, depending on its tonnage and type of product. Our measurements in input control are: Protein, fat, ash, cellulose and moisture. In addition, sensory and visual controls are also carried out. Products from our approved suppliers are examined periodically both in our own laboratory and in accredited external laboratories. Our primary tests are microbiological tests (Salmonella, I. monocytosis, enterobacter) as well as mold-yeast analysis.