Package Types: 400 g

Energy shelled Budgerigar Feed is a ready-to-use, delicious and easy-to-digest feed mixture, prepared by studying the nutritional habits of budgerigars, thanks to its balanced fiber structure. It consists of a variety of high quality natural seeds and grains, the oil and vitamins in it help the birds to have lively and shiny feathers. Thanks to its special shell-free formula, this 100% edible feed prevents waste generation in and around the manger.

Diet: Budgerigars determine the amount of feed they need. Therefore, make sure that the feeders are full and that your bird always has access to clean drinking water.

Ingredients: Millet, flaxseed, nijer seed.

Warnings: ● The storage life is 24 months from the production date written on the package. ● Store the product in a dry and cool environment with the lid of the box closed. ● Do not use as human food.


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