Package Types: 500 g

Our baits; With rich content and supplements, it stabilizes your canary to stay fit and energetic.


It has a natural flavor given by professionally selected grains and seeds. In addition, the special bird biscuit in our feeds also increases your canary’s appetite.


We take into account the natural nutritional structures and needs of your canary and use A.D.E.C vitamin supplements in our feeds.


Thanks to the special cereals (Niger seed, safflower, etc.) and biscuits it contains, it balances the nutritional needs of your canary.


Vitamin D in our feeds contributes to the development of the skeleton and beak.


We recommend placing 20 g (approximately 1 tablespoon) of feed for each canary in the feeder. At the end of the day, do not forget to clean the empty shells by blowing them from the manger. Don’t forget that they need water like every living thing and keep fresh drinking water next to the manger every day.


It is a cute, affordable and effortless solution for those who want to keep pets. These birds make great friends with people, they bring positive energy to your home and keep your spirits high.


Canaries are cheerful and attention-seeking animals. If your canary is single, you should constantly love it, talk to it, carry it over your shoulder and let it fly around the house and play with you. Feeding from your hand, kissing often, talking to him will increase the joy of your canary.


  • Canaries are very sensitive. They should not stay in cold, windy environments and drafts.


  • Pay attention to feed and water. Blow the shells on the manger once a day and put fresh bait on the manger.


  • Keep it in a quiet and lightless environment where it can sleep at night.


  • Renew the water in the water container every 2 days.


  • Put beak stone-like products in the cage to sharpen its beak.


INGREDIENTS: Safflower, Flax, Hemp, Rapiska, Niger seed, Special bird biscuit and A.D.E.C vitamins.



Saffron 64.5

Oats 15

Linen 10

Canola 5

Hemp 2,5

Niger 2.5

Bird Biscuit 0.5


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