Package Types: 5 liter and 10 liter




  1. High Suction Power: Thanks to the high quality structure of the bentonite used, it absorbs the liquid instantly and makes it agglomerate quickly.
  2. Extra Strong Clumping: Thanks to its natural structure, it absorbs the liquid and clumps strongly.
  3. High Odor Control: It traps bad odors when it comes into contact with liquid. It gives a pleasant smell to the environment it is in.
  4. 99.5% Dust-Free Formula: The dust rate in the production process is minimized and 99.5% dust-free is removed.
  5. Natural Structure of Bentonite: Thanks to it, no deterioration occurs in the product. It does not interfere with your long-term use.
  6. Continuous Freshness: It is not affected by external factors thanks to its special structure. It provides the same efficiency and performance all the time.




  1. Fill your cat’s toilet bowl with Energy® cat litter until it reaches a height of 7 cm. You need to put an average of 10 L of sand in a toilet bowl.
  2. Throw out the clumped cat litter at regular intervals with the help of a shovel. The rest of the cat litter is the clean and hygienic part.
  3. Throw the waste sand into the trash. Never pour it into the toilet.
  4. Add the amount of Energy® cat litter you discarded into the container.
  5. Empty and wash your cat’s toilet bowl every 15 days.
  6. At the end of each process, wash your hands with plenty of soapy water.

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